Steam and Diesel Locomotives

steam locomotive sherpaSherpa

0-4-0ST Half full size Darjeeling & Himalayan Class B locomotive. Designed by Neil Simkins, it was constructed by Milner Engineering (Chester) in 1978. Built for the Réseau Guerlédan, Brittany, Sherpa was originally named France.





steam locomotive yeoYeo

2-6-2T Half full size Lynton & Barnstaple locomotive. Designed and built by David Curwen 1978. Built for the Réseau Guerlédan, Brittany, Yeo was originally named Jubilee.





steam locomotive beddgelertBeddgelert

0-6-4ST Half full size N.W.N.G.R. locomotive. Designed & built by David Curwen 1979/80. Originally Beddgelert was named David Curwen.

Beddgelert is currently out of service and is on display in the Museum and entrance to Fairbourne Station.





steam locomotive russellRussell

2-6-4 T 'Russell' look-alike. Originally built in 1978 by Milner Engineering as Leek & Manifold Railway 'Kitson' Loco. Restyled above chassis in 1985 and rebuilt to resemble the Welsh Highland Railway locomotive.

After a complete overhaul Russell is now back in regular service and is sporting Crimson Lake livery and a whistle once carried by a Midland Railway 4F.



steam locomotive gwril 3Gwril

Built in 1994 by Hunslet in Leeds, to a Jenbach Type DH25 design, this locomotive was fitted with a Kubota diesel engine and weighs in at 2.7 tonnes. Exported to Singapore for a hire fleet ‘Number 9354’ returned to London (in unused condition) to work on the Jubilee Extension Line between 1996/7 before returning to the Jan Pan hire fleet in Singapore. From 1996 onwards a ‘HE 9332’ works plate had been mistakenly fixed to the locomotive, so there were two locomotives carrying the same number! In May 2006 Alan Keef Ltd purchased ‘Number HE 9354’ (still carrying the erroneous HE 9332 plate) and subsequently delivered the locomotive to Fairbourne on 14th November 2007 as a 2 foot gauge locomotive.

The locomotive was re-gauged to 12¼” on 20th September 2008. Following successful tests, an enclosed cab was added in February 2009 by volunteers. It is the third ‘Gwril’ to operate on the Fairbourne Railway.

(We are indebted for the detective work done by Bob Darvill, who researched the history of HE 9354).

steam locomotive lilian walterLilian Walter

Originally built as 'Silvia' by Guest Engineering in 1961. Rebuilt, and re-named Lilian Walter, at Fairbourne in 1985 to an American outline; a Mercedes diesel engine was fitted. It was re-gauged to 12¼" in 1986.

'Lilian Walter' was withdrawn from service in March 2009 and is undergoing a major overhaul. The American style bodywork, added in 1985, has been completely removed. A more practical body will be fabricated featuring a cab at both ends. It will be renamed "Tony" in memory of the late Prof Tony Atkinson.

Thanks to a generous donation from a FRPS member the rebuild is now complete.

This picture shows ex Lilian Walter now refabricated as "Tony" and waiting for painting.







And here's Tony at the 2013 Little to Large Gala.


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